Patricia Skeriotis’s Dog Myko Wants a New Hairdo

Today, I wan to talk about my faithful real estate salesman companion dog, Myko. He’s looking into new hair styles for the new year and wants your input!

Myko wants to start the year off on the right paw with a new hairdo

In order to get himself ready for a new start, Myko wants to get his hair done to give him fresh confidence and a fierce new look to make all the other pups jealous of his new hairdo.

His first idea for a new look is called the Puppy Cut. This hairdo will take years off and make Myko feel like a young puppy again!


This look is quite easy to maintain. With regular brushing, Myko should have no problem looking sharp for any occasion, whether it be afternoon walkies or a date at the dog park.

This cut gives Myko 1 to 2 inches of fur all over with options on growing out his chest or ear fur to make a bolder statement.

What do you think? Leave a comment!

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