Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Myko’s New Hairdo Part 4

Where would Patricia be without her ever-faithful, dog companion showing her the real estate ropes?

Now Myko needs her help to pick out his new hairdo!

Which new look will Myko decide on for the new year?

Myko wants to start the year off on the right paw with a new hairdo
In order to get himself ready for a new start, Myko wants to get his hair done to give him fresh confidence and a fierce new look to make all the other pups jealous of his new hairdo.

Perhaps the most glamorous hairdo for a Shih Tzu is the Top Knot Show Cut. This is the dramatic next step from the Practical Top Knot.

Hairdo Number 4
Top Knot Show Cut

This style is usually reserved for the show Shih Tzu in your life. It requires multiple brushings throughout the day to maintain the shiny color and a more sturdy clip to hold all of that fur out of the eyes because this haircut is more the absence of one. The hair is neatly trimmed, but allowed to grow long.

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