Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Top 5 Real Estate Spots – Part 2

Patricia Skeriotis Presents the Top 5 Real Estate Spots (According to the New York Post)

Number 4 : Kauai

Everyone knows Hawai’i as one of the most gorgeous places in the world to be.


The main tourist pull of Hawai’i seems to be on the big island and Maui, but let’s not be so quick to write off the smaller island of Kauai.

Island of Kauai


Top 5
Another scene of Kauai


Top 5
A Third Breathtaking Photo of Kauai

It’s no wonder this spectacular piece of real estate is in the top 5.

A real estate firm based in Honolulu developed a piece of land on this island for $100 million on the South Shore in Poipu.

Each plot of land has a view of Kukui Bay.

You can buy a plot of land starting at a cool $1 million or a built cottage starting at $2.5 million.

This makes you part of the member-based community of Kukui’ula. 

None of the buildings on the island are allowed to be taller than a palm tree, so the views are incredible for all. 


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