Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Top 5 Real Estate Spots – Part 5 : Number One

What is the hottest spot in real estate in the world?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Have I kept you waiting long enough?

Number One in the Top 5 Hottest Spots in Real Estate is . . . . . *Drum Roll*

Number One
Monaco, Tour Odeon

Tour Odeon in Monaco!

This spectacular feat of aesthetics and engineering is worth over 350 million dollars. That is, $350 million for the penthouse alone. At $8,000 per square foot, this price tag is no laughing matter.

Number One
Monaco Skyline

With no income tax in the country of Monaco and views this unique and beautiful, the deal starts to sweeten.

Over two-thirds of this limited 73 apartments have already been bought up and the tower doesn’t even open for a while longer.

At 49 stories, this building is the tallest in the entire region. This makes the views all the sweeter over the South of France and the riviera.

The number one on our countdown is not surprising. . . with all the glamour of Monaco and the French Riviera, it’s hard to think of a more sought after place in the whole world. The very words evoke images of easy luxury and champagne bubbling.


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