Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Top 5 Real Estate Spots – Other Contenders

The New York Post countdown to the top 5 included 20 contenders . . .

Among them were some interesting and surprising locations. 

The one I found to be the most intriguing was the country of Zambia in Africa.

The Zambian countryside is not often thought of as a luxurious getaway for New York’s wealthiest real estate investors, but in fact, it can be.

Zambia, Africa


Since the Zambian government opened up a lot of virgin farmland to outside investors, the interest in Zambia as a place to invest in farmland or to build a private hunting lodge has skyrocketed.

Of particular interest is Mumbuluma. This 6,000 acre piece of land is selling for a mere $10 million. The land teems with the kind of wild life one can only dream of in New York. Hippos and Cheetahs and leopards roam the lands on Mumbuluma, which is located in Kafue National Park.



A Village in Zambia
A Market in Zambia


Zambia could serve as an oasis to a  New Yorker. The rural feel, close communities, and stable government give investors a sense of home away from home.


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