Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! -Part 1 (Aspen)

Aspen, Colorado!

Patricia Skeriotis and her faithful companion Myko the dog are trying to plan the perfect vacation. . . their first option in Aspen, Colorado.

Myko¬†Skeriotis has been ¬†advertising their trip plans on his blog, but he wants Patricia’s real estate friends in on the decision as well.

After looking through tons & tons of countries with spectacular beaches, majestic mountains, and city hotspots to find the best place for them . . .

They’ve decided to stay right here in the United States.


Together, they have put together a list of 20 places in the US they’d like to see based on the U.S. News 20 Best Places to Visit in the US.

They’re going to depend on YOU to decide for them after going through all the options.

The first option and number 20 on the list is Aspen, Colorado.



This winter wonderland looks like a scene you might see in a snow globe with flakes of snow lazily drifting to the warm light of a city nestled into the blue-grey Rocky Mountains.

While this is primarily a vacation for skiers and those who love snow sports of all kinds, Aspen is no less beautiful in all seasons.

Aspen in Summer


Go during the summer and enjoy the beautiful views offered by the untamable western United States. Enjoy a famous luxury shopping experience and stay in an award-winning resort. This city has it all from the bustle of the town to the quiet of the mountains.

This concludes our first submission to the Patricia and Myko vacation countdown . . .

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