Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! – Part 2 (Seattle)

Seattle, Washington!

On the search the find the perfect vacation spot, Patricia Skeriotis and her faithful dog Myko have narrowed their search down to the United States . . . but there are so many great options! Next on the list of options is Seattle, Washington.

If you crave snuggling down with a good book and a hot cup of strong coffee in a cozy coffee shop on a rainy, overcast afternoon, Seattle is the place to be for you.


If you don’t think you can get into the rainy weather routine, there are plenty of other things to do when it’s not rainy (which is surprisingly often, considering the reputation). There’s actually less precipitation here annually than in Boston or New York!

Seattle is located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington and within a short drive from great skiing. Many locals enjoy hiking, kayaking, and camping in the surrounding area’s rich wildlife.


The city is also has a rich cultural element in its history and art scenes.

It’s not all about the good coffee and coziness here, the city has a lot to offer!

Seattle Space Needle


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