Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! – Part 3 (New Orleans)

New Orleans, Louisiana!

This iconic city has a reputation for hot food and cool people.

This mystical city was built on Jazz and innovation.

New Orleans has been through it all from devastating hurricanes to messy oil spills and come out better every time.

This city has survived since it was a French colony and the influence of that time continues today. Take a walk down the to French Quarter and savor the colonial history.

New Orleans
French Quarter


Head to Bourbon Street for a wild time. . .

New Orleans

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to help yourself to a plate of fresh Jambalaya or another Creole cuisine favorite. Blending cultures never tasted so good.

New Orleans


If you’re interested in seeing the city at its peak, come into town during Mardi Gras and become immersed in a crowd of colorfully dressed people doing crazy things (most of them drunkenly). This fun time is once a year. This crazy party is most people’s dream party trip. The festivities are on Tuesday, February 15 this year (2015).

‘Mardi Gras’ translates from french to mean ‘Fat Tuesday’, and this particular Tuesday is indeed ‘fat’ with partiers.

New Orleans
Mardi Gras


What do you think? Should Myko and Patricia go to New Orleans for their vacation?

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