Patricia Skeriotis Presents: Vacation! -Part 8 (Jackson Hole)

Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

This isn’t a vacation for those of you who don’t crave that feeling of being one with the elements. If you don’t want bears for neighbors and other big animals playing in your “yard” for a playpen, I don’t recommend this vacation spot.

Jackson Hole

For those of you who long for the days of the Wild West; this is the place for you!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is backed into the Grand Teton National Park by seemingly endless miles of forest and vast tracts of open land.

Jackson Hole

This wilderness escape has become a ski destination as well in recent years. You may even run into the likes of Harrison Ford here.

Jackson Hole
Not Harrison Ford . . . . . Or Is It? (It’s Not)


But you’re never too far from scene like this one in this place :

Jackson Hole

Myko isn’t too sure of how outdoorsy he is, but I think he’ll be ready in time for an adventure!

Patricia is excited for the challenge of facing the elements in this unique stretch of undisturbed frontier.

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