Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! – Part 8 (Chicago)

Chicago, Illinois!

The “Windy City” located on the lower shores of Lake Michigan has a rich history that will draw you in.


The third largest city in the United States, Chicago has been a hot spot of immigration throughout its history. During the Industrial Revolution, this city took in thousands of immigrants from a wide array of backgrounds coming for work in the Land of Opportunity.


Greeks, Polish, Italians and Jews flocked here to realize the American Dream. With them, they brought their rich, cultural backgrounds and unique lifestyles and ideas. All of this came together to make Chicago the bustling, diverse city that it is today.

The Italians brought with the deep dish pizza. This gastronomical delight has become a topic of taste controversy here in the United States as the battle between deep dish Chicago Style and thinner New York style pizza rages on. In order to try the ideal Chicago Style Pizza so that you too can contribute to the debate, you’ll have to go  for yourself.

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza


From World Fairs to new art museums, this city has hosted it all and would be glad to host you, too. Go for yourself and find out what you can contribute to this mosaic of culture.

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