Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! – Part 9 (Cape Cod)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

This famous beach town has all of the quaint charm of a fishing village of days past. Cape Cod is just now catching on to the idea of Wi-Fi, if that gives you an idea of the sense of soothing isolation that Cape Cod offers in the cooler, off-season months.Cape Cod

This town on the peninsula jutting off of Massachusetts has long been a favorite tourist destination for New England natives during the summer months.Cape Cod

Cape Cod is not only a quaint beach with rustic appeal; it also has a lot to offer in ritzy living. With gorgeous houses and swanky yacht clubs, this town has been a popular destination for the likes of the Kennedy family.


The beginning of the United States as it is today started very near to this area in Jamestown, Massachusetts. You can visit the Pilgrim Monument during your visit and experience how the first settlers must have felt as they soaked in the incredible view.

Cape Cod


This beautiful and historical area has a lot to offer!

Should Patricia Skeriotis and her faithful pup Myko go here on their great American get-away?

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