Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! – Part 16 (New York)

New York, New York!

Don’t you want to be a part of it?

New York

The “Big Apple” is one of, if not THE most famous city in the United States. The metropolis draws tourists from all over the world by the millions every year. People flock to this icon of modern society.

New York is up to the millisecond in everything from food to fashion.

Take the metro or an iconic yellow taxi cab into the city and do some high end shopping on 5th Avenue in Manhattan

New York

or visit one of the other districts of the city, like the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn or Staten Island. Each has its own unique flavor.


If you need a break from the pace of the city, make time for a quiet walk in the peaceful natural oasis of Central Park.




New York has many sites to see..

New York
The “Met”

Be sure to visit the acclaimed Metropolitan Museum of Art
(or the “Met” as it is affectionately referred to. )
Or perhaps you long for something a bit more antiquated.. Are DINOSAURS old enough for you? If so, then the Natural History Museum is the place for you.

Natural History Museum


New York has much more then just what we’ve covered here today and its unique offerings are ever changing.

Should Patricia Skeriotis and Myko, her loyal dog, take a trip here?

What do you think? Leave a comment!

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