Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! – Part 17 (San Francisco)

San Fransisco, California!

Save me, San Fransisco!

“The City by the Bay” has a lot of appeal as a vacation destination.

Take a picture with the engineering masterpiece wrought in red called the Golden Gate Bridge. This beautiful and functional bridge has become a national landmark. One can absolutely not visit the city without at least seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Plus, it photographs well, no matter the weather . . .

San Francisco


San Francisco

San FranciscoWhen you’re done admiring this cross between art and functionality, take a hike up to the Twin Peaks to get a complete view of the city for the price of a mild and enjoyable hike (or a taxi ride!)

San Francisco
Twin Peaks

San Francisco is notorious for its bouts of dense fog in the dips of the hilly landscape the city is built onto. This only serves to add to the charm of the city.

San Francisco Fog

Don’t miss a ride on the famous trolleys!



Should Myko and Patricia Skeriotis take their big vacation in San Francisco?

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